Sewage Treatment (STP)

Sewage Treatment (STP)


Sewage Treatment (STP)

Welcome to Fluid Sep Technologies, a pioneering provider of advanced water treatment solutions. We proudly present our revolutionary Electrolytic Waste Water Technology, a rapidly evolving and emerging field in wastewater treatment, tailored for sewage treatment plants. This cutting-edge, non-biological, and chemical-free technology outperforms conventional methods, making it an ideal choice for efficient and eco-friendly sewage treatment.

Electrolysis Process:
Our Electrolytic Waste Water Technology harnesses the power of electricity to induce the destabilization of dissolved colloidal particles and modify the charge on suspended particles, enabling effective water purification.

FLUID SEP TECHNOLOGIES is company which is dedicated to deliver best, feasible and cost optimized solution in segment of water treatment and waste water treatment.

Sewage Treatment


Sr. NoParametersInletOutlet 
1pH7.0After  7.0
2TSS (Total Suspended Solids)200-300 ppm< 10 ppm
3BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand)250-350 ppm< 30 ppm
4COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand)400-500 ppm< 100 ppm


  • Tailored for Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Leveraging Unique Bipolar Technology
  • Modular Construction for Enhanced Flexibility
  • Suitable for Batch or Continuous Operation
  • Scalable Design to Accommodate Future Growth
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Facilities via Retrofittable Option
  • Remarkable Pollution Removal Rates (exceeding 95%)

Electrolysis Process vs. Conventional Biological Activated Sludge Process

Electrolysis Process
  • Tailor-Made for Sewage Treatment Plant Applications
  • Zero Greenhouse Gas Emission
  • Preservation of Atmospheric Oxygen (Non-Microbiological Process)
  • Negligible Carbon Emission, Promoting Sustainability
  • Chemical-Free and Non-Biological Mechanism
  • Elimination of the Need for Biomass, pH, or Temperature Maintenance
  • Accelerated Start-Up for Swift Deployment
  • Superior Water Conservation via High-Quality Treatment
  • Robust Handling of Shock Loads for Uninterrupted Operation
  • Toxicity-Independent Performance, Ensuring Unmatched Efficiency
  • Serene Operation with Virtually No Noise Emission
  • Reduction in Sludge Generation with Superior Dewatering
  • Seamless Expansion to Cater to Growing Demands
  • User-Friendly Operation and Minimal Maintenance Requirement with Few Moving Parts
  • Exceptional Performance to Cost Ratio, Optimizing Investment Returns
Conventional Biological Activated Sludge Process
  • Conventional Choice for Sewage Treatment Plant Applications
  • Generation of Greenhouse Gases
  • Depletion of Atmospheric Oxygen (Microbiological Process)
  • Carbon Emission and Chemical Dependency for Disinfection
  • Demanding Maintenance of Biomass, pH, and Temperature
  • Prolonged Start-Up Period, Delaying Operational Commencement
  • Lower Water Conservation Efficiencies due to Subpar Treatment Quality
  • Challenge in Handling Shock Loads, Leading to Microbial Impact and Recovery Delays
  • Noisy Operation Resulting from Aerators (Associated Drive)
  • Elevated Sludge Generation with Compromised Dewatering
  • Limitations in Expansion Capabilities to Meet Growing Needs
  • Complex Operation and Higher Maintenance Burden with Multiple Moving Parts
  • Inferior Performance to Cost Ratio, Affecting Cost-Effectiveness

At Fluid Sep Technologies, we offer state-of-the-art Electrolytic Waste Water Technology, exclusively designed for sewage treatment plants. Our solutions are the epitome of efficiency, sustainability, and environmental responsibility, ensuring a cleaner and brighter future for sewage treatment applications. Partner with us to experience the next generation of wastewater treatment excellence.