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Filtration Technologies


Filtration Technologies

Since, Thousands of years filtration has been used to reduce the level of dirt, rust, suspended matter and other impurities from water. This is achieved by passing the dirty input water (influent) through a filter media. As the water passes through the media, the impurities are held in the filter media material. Depending on the impurity and the media, several different physical and chemical mechanisms are active in removing impurities from the water. Some of the equipment used to employ these mechanisms has changed dramatically over time. Other systems, such as depth filters, have undergone very little change.

FLUID SEP TECHNOLOGIES is company which is dedicated to deliver best, feasible and cost optimized solution in segment of water treatment and waste water treatment.

The fundamental physical and chemical mechanisms that occur during filtration havebecome better understood over the years. These advances have allowed watertreatment specialists to optimize the removal of impurities from the water. Filtrationsystems remove particulate matter and, because of the large surface area of filtermedia, they also can be used to drive chemical reactions that result in the removal ofseveral contaminants. The following mechanisms for the removal of impurities by agiven media are discussed in the next section.

  • Occlusion – removal due to the impurity’s particle size.
  • Adsorption – removal due to the impurity’s adherence to the media.
  • Reduction – removal of free residual chlorine through conversion tochloride ions in the presence of activated carbon media.
  • Oxidation – removal of iron and manganese using oxidation, precipitation and filtration in the presence of greensand media.

After a review of filtration theory, the operation and design of the following process units is discussed.

Welcome to Fluid Sep Technologies  a pioneering provider of advanced water treatment solutions. Explore our range of Filtration Systems meticulously designed to cater to diverse industrial needs.

Discover Our Filtration Systems:

  • Gravity Filter: Efficiently removes suspended solids and turbidity in low-pressure applications.
  • Pressure Sand Filter: Ideal for higher flow rates, effectively eliminates suspended solids and turbidity under pressure.
  • Multi Grade Filter: Employs multiple media layers for enhanced filtration of suspended solids and turbidity.
  • Multi-media Filter: Ensures superior clarity and purity through multiple media layers for effective solid removal.
  • Activated Carbon Filter: Safely removes free residual chlorine, organic contaminants, and unpleasant odors.
  • Iron Removal Filter: Targets iron and manganese for improved water clarity and taste.
  • Micron Bag Filter: Utilizes micron-rated filter bags to remove fine particles like iron and manganese.
  • Micron Cartridge Filter: Effectively removes suspended solids with replaceable micron-rated cartridges.

Advantages in Today’s Industry:

  • Enhanced Water Clarity: Achieve crystal-clear water meeting rigorous industry standards.
  • Optimized Process Efficiency: Eliminate suspended solids and turbidity, prolonging equipment life and performance.
  • Superior Product Quality: Elevate end-product quality in food, pharmaceutical, and electronics industries.
  • Sustainable Solutions: Minimize environmental impact through efficient impurity removal.
  • Tailored Performance: Fluid Sep provides customized filtration systems to suit specific industry needs.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Our reliable systems ensure compliance with industry regulations.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced maintenance and equipment longevity deliver long-term savings.
  • Water Reuse: Enable water recycling and reuse, promoting sustainability and resource conservation.

Fluid Sep Technologies brings you a comprehensive range of Filtration Systems, each meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional results in removing suspended solids, turbidity, chlorine, and contaminants. Partner with us for innovative solutions that redefine purity and efficiency in your industry. Experience the power of Fluid Sep’s Filtration Systems, optimizing your water treatment processes for a brighter, cleaner future.