India is the largest producer of sugarcane globally. The major sugarcane-producing states are Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. In India, numerous sugar manufacturing units have established plants to produce high-quality sugar using the traditional chemical process. The process begins by crushing sugarcane in a crusher plant to extract the juice, which typically contains 5-6% total solids. This juice undergoes several steps to produce crystal sugar, with molasses generated as a byproduct.

During the process, the sugar juice initially contains both dissolved and undissolved impurities.

Undissolved impurities are removed using a filter press, while dissolved impurities like proteins, fats, minerals, and oils pose a greater challenge. Traditionally, removing these impurities requires a lengthy and maintenance-intensive chemical process.


Membrane technology can revolutionize this process. It not only removes high molecular weight impurities like proteins, fats, and oils but also concentrates the sugar cane juice by removing pure water. This saves energy in the evaporators and eliminates the need for chemicals, reducing maintenance costs and process time. After the crusher plant, the sugarcane juice is collected in a storage tank, filtered to remove suspended impurities, and then passed through a modified Ultrafiltration membrane system. This system, provided by Fluid Sep Technologies, removes impurities and allows the sugar to pass through, resulting in colorless sugar juice.


Next, the sugar juice undergoes Nano filtration, which concentrates the sugar from 6% to 24% by removing water and major salts. Finally, the concentrated sugar is further processed through evaporation to convert it into crystal sugar. The membrane system offers liquid-phase separation and concentration, leading to energy savings, reduced chemical usage, and faster processing times compared to conventional methods. Here is what Fluid Sep Technologies can offer in advancement of Sugar Industry.

  1. Sugarcane juice clarification.
  2. Concentration and demineralization of Sugarcane Juice.
  3. Sugarcane Juice color removal.
  4. Separation and recovery of enzymes and proteins.
  5. Effluent Wastewater Treatment

Fluid Sep Technologies can provide you with membrane technology solutions for various applications in the sugar manufacturing process, including sugarcane juice clarification, concentration and demineralization of sugarcane juice, sugarcane juice color removal, separation and recovery of enzymes and proteins, as well as effluent wastewater treatment.