Paper & Pulp

There are many large and medium paper industries located in India. It covers major demands of world requirement and this industry is in demand. Paper industries require bulk quantity of treated water for production of good quality of paper. So naturally wastewater quantity is also high. This wastewater contains hazardous chemicals like lignin, Ligno sulfonate, Caustic, Fibers and so on.

These chemicals are very costly. After processing leftover wastewater contains high quantity of chemicals which requires to recover from waste water if possible. Here membrane technology is playing a vital role to recover valuable chemical from wastewater. It not only recovers valuable chemicals but also recycle fresh water which can reuse in process again. Now a day pollution authority demands to recycle as much as water from treated effluent by applying membrane technology as it is proven for almost all industries effluent wastewater.

Paper & Pulp.

In Paper industries after process of production of paper, the wastewater contains high amount of chemicals such as Fibers which can be recycle in process by membrane technology. We, Fluid Sep Technologies, Ahmedabad has done extensive trial to recover fibers from wastewater by applying membrane technology. We can recover 90% to 95% of fresh water from wastewater and fibers are concentrating to recycle in process again. This recovered fiber may be a raw material for hard board industry. By this process we can also control all parameters as per pollution board limit. We have pilot plant facility to conduct trials to check the feasibility of membrane technology either at customer’s site or at our factory.

Treatment scheme:
Pretreatment of membrane system.
Ultra filtration system.
Nano filtration system.
Post treatment of membrane system.
[A] Recovery of pure water from wastewater: 95%.
[B] Concentrate mass disposal: used as a Raw material for hard board industry.

The above result achieved by membrane technology are encouraging and also approved by Pollution board authority.