Dyes & Pigment

Dye stuff industry is using bulk quantity of water for the production of dyes. There are different types of dyes namely Reactive, Acid, Direct, Disperse, Pigment and food etc produces in India.

Dyes & Pigment.

During production of above dyes, industry generates high colored wastewater. This wastewater contains lots of impurities mainly organic and inorganic substances which either in dissolved form or suspended form. Traditionally primary and secondary treatment requires chemicals like Lime, Ferrous ammonium sulphate, Polyelectolytesetc and power and huge space and difficult to treat biological treatment. Even after doing all primary, secondary and some time tertiary treatment, the final quality of treated wastewater does not match with the Pollution board parameters due to high load of organic and inorganic matter as well as not able to give retention time in secondary treatment. Here membrane technology helps to recover valuable color and reduce major polluted parameters mainly COD, BOD, Color, Suspended solids, Oil and Grease and TDS.

There are different types of membranes available to treat any kind of effluent wastewater. For dyestuff industries there are special membrane is available which can easily reduce color from wastewater. In dyestuff industries the color is due to the organic matter so naturally COD and BOD will also reduce. Now this colorless wastewater contains only inorganic salts. This salty water can be further treated by another special membrane which will remove salts from wastewater and can be reuse in industry again as this water is as good as raw water.