A large network of distilleries has been established in India which has been recognized as one of the most polluting agro-based industries generating huge quantities of distillery effluent.

There are more than 350 distilleries in India which release 45 billion liters of wastewater yearly. For the production of every one liter of alcohol nearly 12 -14 lit. of effluent is discharged. Every distillery unit is generating 5-10 lakh lit. of raw effluent per day.


Molasses form the sugar factory is the major constituent in the sugar Industry. Molasses is the by-product of sugar Industries. The effluent of distillery is known as spent wash. Spent wash is the approximately 13-16 times more by volume to that of the alcohol. It is highly organic brown in color. Spent wash having BOD 40000-60000 mg/lit and COD about 1, 20,000-1, 40,000 mg/lit.

So it is very troublesome to treat spent wash. It is therefore obvious that some treatment is necessary to minimize the deleterious effects before the waste is discharged onto land. Disposal of these effluents after proper treatment is favorable approach because after by using appropriate measures effluent comes within limits and pollution load is reduced.

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